We work on-site at repositories in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York along with state archives, U.S. National Archives (Northeast regional branch), courthouses, libraries, and other public and private collections. We also have desk-top access to an extensive library of electronic databases—legal, historical, genealogical and scholarly—for research from colonial to modern times.

With a professional specialty in minority ethnic, racial and religious histories, we concentrate in Slave and early African American records with an emphasis on multi-data review and recovery. Professional skills include archival research, family history compilations and lineage society applications. Access to Washington, D.C. repositories such as DAR Library, National Archives and Library of Congress.

Research Specialty:

African-Americans; Civil War; Colonial; Slave Cemeteries; Slave Records; Sephardic American Jews; Latin America; Land Records; Multi-Racial Families; Migration; Neighborhood Reconstruction; Court & Probate Records